Arhivă pentru Ianuarie 2010


The fizzies

Are the followers of „Fizz dystopia book of knowledge, wisdom and advices, first edition from 357/12/01 a.Hr.” (printed somewhere in the Atlantide, by little people)
In Fizztopia, all beverages are still. The fizztopians grow long beards, have lice, perform daily painful enemas and are forced to weep during Coca-Cola polar bear commercials.
They listen to Snoof Bobby Bob and Fuck Paddy and watch Lame-tin Quarantino movies all day long (and learned to like it).
The fizztopians never engage in pre-marital coitus, but are summoned in the big plaza in order to display they genitalia in front of thousands of other fizztopians. During those displays, they must practice masturbation and fake their orgasms, for evaluation.
They are not allowed to sleep. During the night, they must play underwatermelonball, which stimulates muscles and reduces back hernias.
The fizzies rarely speak to each other. Instead, they developed a sea-shell language, as they clap hands and smack lips.
All the day and night routine (which leads to an increase of the per-capita income, and also free tickets in the local gay bars, free lap dances performed by holograms and free treatments against lice) has led to the flourishing of the fizzconomy.
They don’t know the „love” term, but fizzicaly love each other (after marriage) until the delivery of an offspring, with the same fizziognomy as the parents.

Their homepage is The page is currently unavailable, due to maintenance and troll attacks.



Maria Carla Boscono.