Arhivă pentru Mai 2009




„Only eternal things are older than I. And I will forever endure. Abandon every hope, you, who enter” (D. Aligheri- Divina Comedia).

For every wave, there is a splash of foams
For every life there is a pile of bones.

For every seagull there is a eager eagle
For all inqusitors, the primal riddle

For every trouble, a mistake
And for lost lovers a „too late”

For every bone-catch there’s a fetcher
For no comparison there is a matcher

For all of me’s, the Ailments, the placebo pill
For all the you’s, the Sanes,

(a motherfucking ph 1 flesh-ripper, eco-friendly nail removal gel, an induced OD with all the malherbes, double-dildos deeply stuck down your throat, and, when it’s all done and over with, a waterfall of questions: do you fucking love me now? Or do you fake it?)

Disneyworld thrill.